Thursday, August 23, 2007

Welcome to the SKIF KAL

Do you love the free form sweater designs of SKIF International? Well, SKIF has published 4 new patterns for knitters that utilize the same urban minimalist sensibilities as their ready made lines.

These patterns have a raw, organic quality that calls out for textured, natural fibers, such as those produced by Habu Textiles. Edit: Or how about "found" or recycled fibers?

Let's consider this a proving ground for these SKIF designs and see where we can go.


knitch said...

Count me in! I'm still trying to figure out the fibers... This should be fun. It's MY first KAL.

Nora said...

Stephy, thanks for the invite and for settig up this KAL. x

knitch said...

Stephy, you have decided on yarn already???? Wow. I've sold 2 Neptune patterns in the last 24 hours, one to the UK. Let the throw-down begin!