Thursday, December 6, 2007

Neptune grows

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Well, my photography skills and my camera don't really do this justice. But, I'm roughly 6" into the front of my Neptune/Button Back, and really in love with the way the yarns are coming together. The cotton nerimaki slub, which was a bit of a whim purchase at Habu's stall at the 2007 Stitches East in Baltimore, MD, has become, probably, my favorite yarn in this mix. You can see it in this photo as the lighter brown/red/mauve stitches in the center of the swatch. The thicker bits add textural interest.

I remain a bit ambivalent about how the charcoal Tsumugi silk looks worked in with the other colors (it's most clearly visible in this photo on the far left). I think its colors may be too cold compared to the other colors of yarn I'm using. I just remind myself that it's easy to overanalyze a piece this size. When it's a full garment, I think the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.

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Stephy said...


I think it's going to be fabulous. The texture is wonderful.

I think the charcoal silk will work for you, too. I wasn't too sure of the black merino I used with the grassy/olivey green silk/mohair on Zena, but I think in the end, it actually boosts the greens and makes the color seem brighter. The old "Velvet Elvis" effect, I guess--something about black refreshing the cones in your eyes so that colors are more vivid.