Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Skif Knitting Pattern Alert

I was looking around at kpixie and found a new SKIF pattern--Cat!

It's a cardigan. With buttons. It has pockets. It's SKIF-y.

I like it, but it's perhaps a bit too much like some of the previous patterns to have much of an effect on me at the moment. Good thing, I'm still trying to finish Neptune and I really want to knit Martha next.

PS--take a look at the updated SKIF website. There are lots of great new pics of their RTW sweaters--even swatches of their yarn combinations. Also, our own Donni got a shout out on the pattern page! Woohoo!

Seriously, check it out, you're going to flip. I think "Partisan" is my favorite, but it's hard to say. Scoobydoo long, is pretty kewl, too.

Pls, SKIFfies, Can we haz teh pattrns nao?


Anonymous said...

I must explain (otherwise I would be too embarrassed).

I noticed on the site a little while back, when drooling over the best sellers and ALLLLLL those sweaters/vests etc, that it mentioned to contact them if you had knit something.

I contacted them to ask them when they were going to release some of their best sellers (namely EVERYTHING FROM THE HOLIDAY XTRAS) as knitting patterns and mentioned that I was hankering for a vest pattern too as everything released has been a sweater or cardigan).

I was gobsmacked when I got an answer back from the designer herself, mentioning that she would feature me on her site (and she gave a nod to the thought of a vest pattern next)....

So really. I just wanted to explain - that I didn't write and say.....'here, look at me, look at me'.....


Stephy said...

Oh, Donni, it doesn't come off that way at all! It seems to me that they were just eager to share.

I suppose we should all be contacting SKIF and letting them know what sorts of patterns we'd like to see and which patterns we've enjoyed knitting--or not.

Anyway, good for you!