Monday, November 5, 2007

Corrected Patterns

As those of you who purchased your SKIF patterns online from ShopKnits are aware (including Christine from the comments to a previous post), corrected patterns were sent to their customers recently. We didn't even have to ask! Thanks, ShopKnits!

I hope everyone else is having pleasant experiences regarding their corrected patterns.

As to the actual corrections, I glanced through Zena and it appears several numbers have changed, but I'm too far along to bother analyzing it. At least, I'll have the presumably correct numbers for Neptune.

As far as I can see, there were no updates to the instructions for clarity, which is too bad.

I think we can all agree--SKIF designs are awesome; SKIF patterns, not so much.

But, at least they're getting better. Thanks, SKIF!


chris412 said...

So....if you bought your pattern from another dealer, you still have an uncorrected version? What kind of corrections are they? I bought mine from The Yarn Studio.

Smokey said...

Chris--You might want to contact Papatya directly and confirm whether you have a corrected or uncorrected copy. I think she received hers on 10/29, so it depends on when you bought it. If you think yours is uncorrected, ask her and she'll send you a new one.