Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Neptunes are in!!!

Yes, believe your eyes. I got my shipment of corrected patterns Monday. I'm back on my swatching! I've got some laceweight hand-dyed alpaca that I'm going to hold with some mercerized cotton this time, since I didn't like my first swatch. Heck. Maybe I'll just knit a bunch of SKIFs, all the while trying different combinations! I don't have the Mateo and Bellagio yet...the Bellagio is men's pullover, the Mateo is the cardigan.


Cara said...

Hi Knitch,
Do you think you can pass on some tips as to how you get the back neck started on the Neptune. I can't seem to get my mind wrapped around those pattern directions. It seems to me that the neck may be open on one side, but it's a bit confusing. Thanks for any light you can shed.

knitch said...

Wow. I've just read that part Cara, and it needs some clarification, doesn't it? I think that if we were picking up from BOTH sides of the front collar that our noggins wouldn't fit through the neck. I wish we had a photo of the this a turtleneck pullover? Does anybody know? Also, the "Pattern Note" says "This sweater is worked from back bottom up." It looks like it's worked front bottom up instead. I didn't help much but made it worse, didn't I? I'll think on it some more and get back to the blog.


Smokey said...


Yesterday was the first I saw your comment to my post about neptune. I also have questions about that, just had gotten there yet. I was assuming that I would need to play with it some to get it 'right'. And papatya, you're correct, the instructions say one thing, but the diagram says another with regards to where you start knitting. As Stephy posted, the designs may be cool, but the editing leaves more than a bit to be desired. I had assumed (??) that the corrected versions would clean some of this up. But, from what I'm reading here, it sounds as though all they did was clean up the numerical problems in the pattern.

"Nina (SKIF designer) is taking over the pattern control herself and is busily working on corrections."


Cara said...

OK, so I'm not crazy. I fooled around with it a lot & got really frustrated, so it sits. I have done some tough sweaters in my day, even badly translated patterns from foreign lands, & I've always been able to figure it out eventually. I mean, I'm actually successfully working on the Habu Kushu Kushu jacket for Pete's sakes! However, this Neptune is a tough nut to crack & without a photo of the front, it's trying my patience. I'm thinking of just not connecting the neck at all. Simply knit a neck, then p/u the shoulders. I love the SKIF designs, too, so I hope they can give us just a bit more info. I'm all for having the sweaters differ to our liking & materials, etc. But more info is definitely needed. Thanks for the comments & validation.
- Cara