Thursday, October 25, 2007


I received an email from Donna of Deep South Fibers, the distributor of SKIF patterns. She alerts us to the following:

FYI…..Skif patterns have been corrected and are being distributed to retailers today. Folks are encouraged to re-visit their LYS or on-line source for a corrected copy of the pattern(s). Corrected versions will not include the hardware.

Also, she mentioned that there are two new SKIF patterns: Mateo, a cardigan, and Bellagio, a man's pullover. Hmmm...with the name "Mateo", perhaps both are men's patterns.

Lastly, Donna would like to join our KAL! She will bring along some insider knowledge and be a direct source of contact with the designer. Welcome, Donna!


knitch said...

Donna's great! Welcome aboard Donna!

Cara said...

What happened to the errata page? I really don't want to pay shipping on the corrections from the retailer. Thanks.

knitch said...

Who did you buy your pattern from?

Cara said...

I got it from WearElse - I ordered it on-line. They told me they have a call into Skif for the corrections, & I won't owe them any money for shipment. So, that's good. I guess I wait. Thanks.

christine (threedogknits) said...

I'm not a SKIF KAL member (yet - still picking the yarn). I'm lurking though! I bought my Zena pattern from Shopknits. Last Friday I got a corrected pattern in the mail w/o even having to contact them and request it. Yea Shopknits!