Saturday, October 20, 2007


So, once I've got a few WIP's completed, this

should turn into a Neptune (or button back, as the case may be...)

(Apologies, I can't figure out how to import the photo.. Rgh...)

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Cara said...

I finished the front of my Neptune & am now trying to figure out the neck & picking up the stitches on the side of the collar. I spoke with someone at Deep South Fibers yesterday, & she told me to get the pattern corrections, but I had to re-do the pattern anyway, due to a yarn difference. I'm just really confused about the back neck & it keeps getting all twisted. Is it open on one side? Can anyone out there clarify the pattern? Maybe if Skif printed a pattern with a photo of the front of the sweater, as well as the back. Please help. Thank you.