Monday, October 1, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zeeeennnaaa...

Well, just a little, really.

I have miles and miles and stockinette stitch to do before I can even start on the sleeves.
Still, it's progress.

I've made my peace with the Zena pattern, problem child that it is. Aside from the obvious mistakes, the pattern isn't written in the standard knitting language we all know and love. The terminology is vague and the syntax is weird. I would be quite suprised to learn that it was test knitted at all. Or edited. However, I'm happy to know that SKIF is aware of the problems and appears to be acting upon them (Thanks, Teri!).

So, in the mean time, if you remain calm and draw upon your previous sweater knitting experience and focus on the schematics (which appear to be accurate, so far), it is possible to muddle through and come up with results that are similar, at least, to your expectations. At least that's been my experience, so far.

After all, the Habu loves this pattern and that's what's important!

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Nora said...

Oh my, if this isn't the most stunning thing. The colour is just... amazing [and makes mine pale in comparison]. Well done, Ms S.

Knitterella said...

That looks awesome!!

I must knit a SKIF.