Saturday, June 21, 2008


Part of the current project Neptune, in a colour I love [intense, luscious and beautiful… black] and in a wool I adore. Softly variegated, the rich, dark tones look even nicer in reverse stocking stitch - less defined, subtle.
It has incredible colour and texture and is knitting up differently than imagined. Better. Much, much better. Perfect I would say. A simple piece that gently falls away from the body, without being oversized or baggy.
I could’ve shown the entire front [and back] but it really needs sleeves to make it a whole. And perhaps different buttons [these are the original metal SKIF buttons that came with the pattern].
Oh, and did I mention the colour?
Just, joy.


knitch said...

Your photography is STUNNING!!! Congratulations on your Neptune! Did you know that Neptune looks great without the sleeves? I saw it at market in Columbus. It really looks like a completely different animal without them.

Stephy said...

This is so gorgeous, Nora--I can't wait to see more.

Nora said...

Oh, Knitch. I wish I'd seen your comment before I went ahead and knit the damn things! :) My gauge was off, the yarn didn't match and I still have to sew them on!

Thanks Stephy - it's almost finished.