Friday, September 21, 2007

Houston, we MAY have a problem...

I never trust myself, so will someone with the Zena pattern read through the first few sections and tell me if I'm interpreting them correctly. The way I'm reading things, the stated number of stitches to cast on is incorrect--off by 11 stitches, in fact! Anyone else coming up with that?


Teri said...

Yes, I can see that same Zena is off by 11 stitches.
I'm working on Neptune and have the same problem. My pattern is off by 10 stitches. I have a call into DeepSouth Fibers to get their take on this.
I've noticed that in several places the pattern notes say "Warning These numbers change" So my thought is that the numbers are intentionally wrong to give us more freedom of design.

Stephy said...

I hope it's intentional, because otherwise it would be very bad.

At any rate, I've just kept going. No way I'm ripping back, now!

Nora said...


Teri said...

I've decided to just add the extra 10 stitches in Neptune to the neck since it seems like the neck opening would have been too small anyway.
BTW, DeepSouth Fibers hasn't called me back yet.

knitch said...

Ground control to Major Stephy...For those who haven't cast on, I'd say cast on 106, then the 41 for each side of the front would be 47. Maybe someone hand-wrote this pattern, and the typist saw "41" instead of "47"? Just an idea.

105 sts divided by 5 sts/inch equals 42". 42" is supposed to be the finished chest size. That doesn't work out though, because they say that 1/2" from each side seam goes into the finishing, leaving one with 40" finished chest size. So maybe we should cast on 110 sts, and go from there to get the 42" finished chest size.

Phew! Maybe we should just wait to hear from Deep South. The pattern says "adapted by Lynette Miles". Does anyone know how to reach her? :)

Stephy, thanks for working these things out ahead of us!