Friday, July 11, 2008

Attracted to the dark side

Intense darkness with hints of light. An absence of colour. Deep, dark blackness cloaked in fantasy and romanticism. Almost haunting. Definitely edgy.

The process:
When I first started this project, I truly believed it would fly off the needles – basic pattern, lovely wool, some time to actually sit and knit. No problem I thought. Quick. Mindless. Simple.
I’d even planned how it would be worn: with dark jeans tucked into long suede boots. Casual. Elegant. Chic.

Enter the dark side.

The side where knitting time is limited as real life sets in and takes over. Where unique designs are mighty different to how they initially appear and severe modifications are called for. As we know, SKIF encourage a different type of knitting, but really, there’s a fine line between creativity and downright ridiculous [and while others have managed to stay within the confines, I’m not that confident]. A botched first attempt a few months ago added to the self doubt and let’s just say it got a little edgy over here for a while.
Then, suddenly, it all fell into place and the result is a wonderful, lightweight garment that has been worn almost every day since it’s completion.

The knitting:
This knit up reasonably fast. The pattern, at a glance, is easy to follow, although this changes somewhat as you move through it. I made a decision early on to modify the instructions, using the SKIF photo as a guide: I reversed the front and back sections, leaving the plain side at the back [which I knit from the bottom up]. The front was knit separately, top down, to accommodate the seam. I also deleted the exposed seams, freeform knitting style and buttons.

The yarn:
STR medium-weight in Black Onyx, lends itself to the casual, organic nature of SKIF designs and looks fantastic in reverse stocking stitch. I’d love to see this in Habu Lamb Linen, Tsumugi Silk or a Kakishibu Ramie/Extra fine merino mix – perhaps with some Silk Stainless Steel thrown in.

The verdict:
A lovely textural piece that is lightweight and fluid. I've worn it layered over a fine merino knit and adore the way it falls away from the body without being baggy. The neckline is incredibly soft and skims gently across the collarbone - total love!


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Wonderful job Nora - now I need the shot with you wearing it with said Jeans....:)