Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Halfway to Zena (Warrior Princess) is Finished!

I know many of you have been on pins and (knitting) needles fretting over my unfortunate blunder.

Not to worry. All is well. While the bodice of my Zena (Warrior Princess) is slightly smaller I can happily report the bust should fit just fine. I decided it was okay to sport more of a "Jane Mansfield" (or Jane Russell, or Marilyn Monroe) fit.

Not only am I beginning to feel very old Hollywood glam about my silk/alpaca/linen/camel*/cashmere/bamboo/mystery yarn loveliness, I am also 50% finished! Bwahahaha!

I will admit I was confused (really how could I not be confused since I can't count properly) when it came time to complete the back of the collar. For those who haven't done it yet, forget the schematic at this part it will just confuse you more. Those 40 stitches are going to be upside down on the back of your neck and at the end of each row (both sides) you will knit (or purl) it together with the side of the collar.

I kept trying to rationalize the "c/o 40 sts" instruction in my head and I finally just decided to take a leap of faith and try. I also remember thinking about Yoda in Empire Strikes Back with his "Do or do not. There is no try."

Yeah, I think about Yoda occasionally. I'm special that way.

The color changed a bit up by the collar to include some lovely mohair that kept calling to me. (Saucy vixen that goddess named Mohair)

If you squint your eyes a bit (or take off your glasses) you can see how the color will blend together from far away:

Nice right? I'm happy so far. I'm at the home stretch and I just have 17½ inches of stockinette to complete...

For some reason I'm reminded of the the scene in Lawrence of Arabia when they set out to cross "The Sun's Anvil".

*The Hereen of Hokulani Farms. They have good stuff.

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Stephy said...

Oh. My.

Your Zena is amazing--undoubtedly moreso in person with all those beautiful yarns to fondle.

I had forgotten about that collar--I'm thrilled that you worked it out--seems that I ended up knitting separately and grafting it to the body because it hurt my brain too much to do otherwise. Good for you!