Thursday, July 3, 2008


(Warrior Princess) I'm sorry, silly as it is I just can't help myself every time I think of how I'll feel once I'm done with my SKIF knit. Allow me to make introductions: I'm Terrisa G. AKA "The Knit Purl Blogger". The picture is (of course) an accurate representation of me if I was a young Grammy Award-nominated American R&B singer/songwriter. The only thing I can think of to make myself even hotter in my Grammy Award-nominated-ness is to create and wear Zena (Warrior Princess).
I've just cast on, and cast-on, and cast on. I think I finally got the mixture right now:

That's the "wrong" side. Here's the right side:

I tried to use only yarn from my stash-beast, but it was too difficult. If I start a new knit I have to have fresh-out-of-the-bag yarn to go with it.

Some of the yarns are:
A lovely sport weight, chocolate merino-camel blend I picked up at O.F.F.F.
There is some Fleece Artist Flaxen in Midnight (my heavens I love this yarn).
Alpaca 1 (that's royal alpaca baby) in Raisin by Catherine Lowe.
Both the alpaca and flaxen were purchaed at my LYS, where I work.
I also tried to "go with the flow" by frogging a custom design and adding it in. It was a tunic made from a mixture of Habu Tsumugi Silk A-1 (color 54) and two colors of Bamboo XS-45 (Wine and Charcoal). I was heartbroken when I lost my instructions to my tunic and it just seemed like too much chaos to reverse-engineer what I had. So ripit ripit ripit...
In the very beginning you can see I had some Blue Moon Fibers Silk Thread in a rest-in-peace color: Shibui. See it here on the cast-on:

I really liked this colorway. It's a combination of demure beige, tramp-red, and sophisticated charcoal. But in this combination it looks red, white,and blue. I think it will make it back in though. Somewhere on the sleeve maybe?

I was really proud of that combination of Habu yarn. It felt like I discovered how well chocolate and peanut butter go together. It does feel good to reknit the yarn in combination with other yarns. What would you consider the new combination? Perhaps peanut butter cup icecream?

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